Siemens won the "2018 Special Tribute Award" at China Charity Festival

2021-06-15 Source: Views:2398

Siemens won the "2018 Special Tribute Award" at the 8th China Charity Festival held today. This is the fourth consecutive year that Siemens has been commended at the China Charity Festival. The award is a full recognition of Siemens' long-term support for China's sustainable development, persistent fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities, and support for the development of China's social welfare undertakings.

"Enterprises are an inalienable part of society and have special responsibilities to society. As a global company with innovation and investment capabilities, Siemens actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities worldwide, and regards it as Siemens' service to society. One of the important missions." Siemens Greater China CEO Lothar Herrmann (Lothar Herrmann) said, "Under the strategic guidance of the'Company Vision 2020+', Siemens will continue to rely on leading electrification, automation and digital products, services and Solutions to create value for Chinese customers, employees and society."

China Philanthropy Festival started in 2011. It is the first festival named after "Public Welfare" jointly initiated by the mass media. It aims to promote the spirit of charity, promote charity activities, and build a platform for in-depth dialogue and cooperative communication among multiple parties. In 2015, Siemens won the "China Charity Award-Collective Award" at the Charity Festival, and Siemens was awarded the "Special Tribute Award" in 2016-2018.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Siemens is committed to achieving sustainable social development through technological advantages and supporting China's science and technology education in China. Since the Siemens "Love Green Education Program" was launched in 2009, it has successively carried out activities in 11 schools for children of migrant workers in 10 cities. At present, more than 2,750 Siemens employee volunteers have participated in this project, and more than 23,500 students have benefited. In addition, Siemens employees also actively participate in other kinds of charity and voluntary service activities to pass on the positive energy of charity. Since the establishment of the Siemens Employee Volunteer Association in 2012, a total of 4,905 volunteers have contributed 26,607 hours of public welfare services.

Siemens has been widely recognized and won many awards for its sustainable and innovative corporate social responsibility activities. In September 2018, Siemens was awarded the "Best Sustainable Development Award" and the "Best CSR Brand" award at the "CSR China Education Award" awards ceremony. In the same year, Siemens also won the "Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection" award from the European Chamber of Commerce in China. This is the fourth time Siemens has won the European Chamber of Commerce Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

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