Keynote Speech Presented by Audi China in the 28th ITS World Congress

2022-09-26 Source: Views:758

The 28th Intelligent Transport System World Congress was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 18 to 22, 2022 in the United States. Under the theme of “Transformation by Transportation”, there were more than 200 rich and diverse activities organized and over 6,500 professionals from 64 countries and regions participated in this world congress.

Ms. Wan Li, BOD member of China ITS Industry Alliance and vice president of Audi China, delivered a keynote speech on behalf of China. Ms. Wan Li shared the development status and policy system of China's Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry, as well as the best practice cases established by Audi in the Chinese market with the international audience. Meanwhile, she called on the international ITS industries to strengthen international coordination and jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of intelligent connected vehicles.


Photo: Ms. Wan Li, Vice-President of Audi China

Firmly adhering to the route of Intelligent Connected Vehicle with Chinese characteristics, Audi China optimizes the single vehicle intelligence through V2X technology, and accelerates the industrial application of intelligent connected vehicles. As the first OEM in China to obtain the license of V2X function positioning plug-in, Audi has already equipped its mass-produced models, such as A7L and A6L, with the C-V2X function. Through the method of "laying eggs along the way", Audi China promotes the commercialization of intelligent connected vehicles level by level, scenario by scenario and stage by stage, which demonstrates the application effects, cultivates the market, drives social capital, and promotes the rapid development of China's Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry.

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