Schneider Electric won the "Women's Promotion Association Award"

2021-06-15 Source: Views:1607

Beijing, China, January 23, 2019-Schneider Electric, a global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, and its achievements in advancing gender equality and fulfilling inclusiveness commitments, and 230 companies around the world in this field Outstanding companies have joined the 2019 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) and won the 2019 "Catalyst Award" for the first time. The award is designed to recognize the winning companies for promoting women’s progress and creating safe and inclusive jobs Significant and forward-looking measures taken in the environmental field.

Schneider Electric’s Global Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President Olivier Blum said: “At Schneider Electric, we are always committed to providing equal opportunities to every employee around the world and ensuring that all employees can feel a unique sense of gain at Schneider Electric. And a sense of security, so as to motivate them to realize their potential to achieve better personal development, and also to contribute to the company. Being selected into the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index and winning the prestigious "Women's Promotion Association Award" further affirms our global and Excellent results achieved by implementing an inclusive and diverse corporate culture at the business operation level of various countries."

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