Suzhou ITS development

2021-06-08 Source: Views:1171

On September 24th 2018, Suzhou Department of Transport, Xiangcheng District Government and China ITS Industry Alliance co-hosted the ITS development strategy collaboration framework signing ceremony at High Speed Rail City. This marked the critical progress of Suzhou ITS development, and also laid solid foundation for 2022 29th ITS World Congress in Suzhou.


The most energetic and with the most momentum for development in Suzhou, Xiangcheng District puts strong emphasis on ITS industry development, and has recently amalgamated over 20 intelligent driving related corporations including Momenta, PlusAI, Singulato, HualiSmartWaysTec, Holomatic, and NavInfo, with the aim of building Yangtze River Delta intelligent driving industry pilot zone.


China ITS Industry Alliance possesses great power in gathering academia and industry, with over 200 member institutions, and occupies a broad market in the segments of electronic map, automaking, telecommunication, etc.

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