Dongfeng Nissan’s attempt at intelligent parking services

2021-06-08 Source: Views:1287

At Huadu production base of Dongfeng Nissan, ICBC, in joint effort with Weilong Jinyi, has launched Boshijie ETC intelligent parking system, realizing the intelligentisation of parking services in the park. The promotion of “unattended, cashless payment, non-stop traffic, centralized monitoring” parking lot traffic management has made parking smooth, green, safe and efficient, enabling the employees to have truly intelligent transportation and simple life, so that they will create value and seek progress together.

Dongfeng Nissan, a joint venture between Dongfeng Motor and Nissan Motor, is the joint venture project with the largest scale, broadest scope and most complete products in Chinese Automotive industry. With an eye to “Creating a world class factory with an outstanding reputation,” Huadu Base covers an area of 2475,000 sqms, with an annual production capacity of 550 vehicles. In 2017, Dongfeng Nissan met another milestone in corporate development, that is, it reaches a production and sales scale of 9000,000 vehicles, setting a new record for the industry, and laying a solid foundation for becoming the top 3 in Chinese automaking market.

The triumphant advancement of business has driven the continuous upgradation of park management. Walking into Huadu Base, you can feel the entrepreneurial spirit of seeking excellence and being pioneering, and the vitality that a leading domestic automaker has exhibited. Now they are to build the most cost-effective, efficient, and environment-friendly benchmark factories through intelligent means.

While the business scale is continuously upgraded, security becomes more and more important, and vehicle identity checking becomes indispensable. Since employees, logistics and vehicles are managed separately, and vehicle traffic period is highly concentrated with very low traffic efficiency, security pressure is quite high. There are many units scattered around the park. Information integration and centralized management is required to improve the efficiency of management.

Nowadays, with the parking solution of Weilong Jinyi ETC intelligent park, 43 lanes within the Huadu Base have been renovated. Through accurate vehicle identification, fully automated non-stop traffic and upgraded networked parking service, not only is the demand for management efficiency is met and the user experience is improved, but also the security for vehicle and employee management is guaranteed with the use of ETC, and the level of intelligent administration is truly enhanced in Dongfeng Nissan Park.

Adhering to the corporate vision of “Human, Vehicle and Life,” and daring for revolution, Dongfeng Nissan is the most innovative and active automaker. As the leading enterprise in domestic intelligent parking field, Weilong Jinyi has built a deep foundation in the field of intelligent transportation and electronic payment; relying on the patented technology of ETC+ license plate dual-mode recognition, and upholding the mission of “making transportation smarter and life simpler,” it is committed to creating convenient, efficient, green and safe intelligent mobility service.

Weilong Jinyi “Boshijie” smart parking system is compatible with high speed road ETC, capable of realizing one-card pass, one card for multiple purposes, vehicle gradation, classification, zone access control. With the management becoming more autonomous and intelligent, the traffic and management efficiency is greatly improved and the park becomes greener and more environment-friendly. Through the integration of parking administration platform and park operation platform, the integration of park resources and centralized monitoring are realized.

Future automobile market will develop in the direction of “electricity, intelligence, networking, and sharing,” and the parking service is evolving towards the same direction. On the basis of its technology strength accumulated over the years and the platform of public companies, Weilong Jinyi will continue the promotion application of smart parking services, so as to make transport smarter and life simpler, and to provide more parks with the advanced and intelligent parking solution.

With smart parks being a major object of services, Weilong Jinyi starts with treating the difficulties with parking management in the parks, focuses on Boshijie parking service cloud platform, pursues the direction of intelligent sensing, interconnecting, platforming and integrated development, and devoted to building an integrated operation platform of corporate parks that is digitalized, ecological, intelligent, and future-oriented.

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