The International Symposium on "a new stage of Intelligent Transportation - the world and China" was successfully organized and held

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On November 23, 2021, with the support of the Ministry of highways and Research Institute, the international seminar "new stage of its - the world and China" hosted by the alliance was successfully organized and held.

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At this seminar, Mr. Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO of European Intelligent Transportation Association, introduced the future mobile travel and the 2021 intelligent transportation World Conference in Hamburg; Mr. Hajime Amano, Secretary General of Asia Pacific Intelligent Transportation Association, delivered a speech on the vision of Intelligent Transportation: creating value for people and society; Li Bin, vice president of the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, delivered a speech on the current situation and future development of intelligent transportation in China; Wang Lin, deputy director of the national intelligent transportation system engineering technology research center, introduced the current situation and prospects of China's smart roads; Professor liuxiaobo, Dean of School of transportation and logistics of southwestjiaotonguniversity and vice chairman of the academic committee of the 18th (Chengdu, China) Asia Pacific intelligent transportation forum, delivered a speech on the progress and challenges of China's logistics industry.

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Nearly 2400 domestic and foreign experts in the field of intelligent transportation from 18 countries and regions including Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia and Indonesia participated in the seminar through the conference site, zoom conference end and two webcast platforms.

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