The 18th ITS Asia pacific forum comes to a successful conclusion

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On April 29, 2022, the 18th Asia Pacific intelligent transportation forum was successfully concluded in Chengdu.

At the closing ceremony and the plenary meeting, five world experts from Mr. Li Aimin, vice president of the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, Mr. ran Yalin, chairman of Chengdu communications investment group, Mr. zhangyongwei, vice president and Secretary General of China electric power 100 people's Association, Mr. liuyongdong, Deputy Secretary General of China Electric Power Enterprise Federation, and Mr. Vladimir kluchkov, researcher of Moscow State Jiaotong University attended the meeting and made keynote speeches, Liuxiaobo, Dean of School of transportation and logistics, southwestjiaotonguniversity, was invited to preside over the meeting.

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At the closing ceremony, Mr. Zhang Tao, Deputy Secretary General of Chengdu municipal government, delivered a closing speech. Mr. shijiahong, deputy mayor of Suzhou Municipal People's government, delivered a speech congratulating the 18th Asia Pacific intelligent transportation forum hosted by Chengdu on its complete success. At the same time, he also introduced the 29th intelligent transportation World Conference to be held in Suzhou in 2023. At the meeting, Mr. wangxiaojing, chairman of the Asia Pacific Intelligent Transportation Association / deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the 18th Asia Pacific intelligent transportation forum / Chairman of China intelligent transportation industry alliance, summarized the results of the forum at the closing ceremony.

The Forum gathered nearly 200 industry, University and research experts from 24 countries and regions in the world, including China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vanuatu, Brunei, India, Indonesia and Brazil, to participate in the meeting and share and exchange technology. The experts discussed the cutting-edge development trends and challenges of the intelligent transportation industry from the aspects of technology development, policy exchange and academic discussion, and shared the latest scientific research achievements and typical experience together, aiming to promote the construction and development of intelligent transportation in the Asia Pacific region and the world.

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The three-day forum, mainly live online, held two opening and closing ceremonies and plenary meetings, four high-level administrative meetings, 12 technology sub forums, two regional leaders' forums, four youth forums and four is forums, with a total of 28 meetings, covering various hot topics in the integrated three-dimensional transportation industry, such as digital transportation, smart logistics, integrated transportation, smart aviation, intelligent rail transportation, future mobile travel and smart city, 189 speeches and summary reports. More than 60000 people have participated in online meetings and interactive discussions.

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In the same period, the forum held a cloud exhibition. Universities, enterprises and scientific research institutes engaged in mobile travel, autonomous driving, public transport and new infrastructure industry, University and research participated in the exhibition, and about 84350 people visited the electronic exhibition.

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