"General Technical Requirements for Smart Expressway Cloud Control Platform" standard initiation meeting was successfully held

2021-06-04 Source: Views:1051

On April 28, 2021, the " General Technical Requirements for Smart Expressway Cloud Control Platform " standard initiation meeting led by Zhijiang Laboratory was successfully held online.


This meeting focused on the scope and framework of the standard. Standard research, formulation and revision is focused on the basic requirements of smart high-speed cloud control platform, platform technology framework, platform basic functions, platform application services, platform operation management requirements, etc.


Expert representatives in the fields of transportation, communications, Internet, automotive attended this meeting, who are from the well-known institutions including Qingdao Hisense, Tongji University, Neusoft, China Automotive Research Institute, Institute of Information and Communication Technology, China Mobile, Zhejiang Express Information, Beijing Mainline Technology, Zhejiang Scientific Research Institute of Transport, China Design, etc.


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