Join Alliance

Two types of membership:

(1)Join us as an entity: a BOD member or a regular member.

(2)Join us as an individual member.



You should support Alliance Constitution;

You are willing to become a member of the Alliance;

You should obey the related Chinese laws and regulations;

You should be able to exert influence within the industry.


(1)  Individual members:

you should be a Chinese citizen over 18 who is not deprived of political rights and have full behavioral capacity.

You should submit the copies of your ID card.

(2)  Entity members:

You should submit an application form to join us which should be stamped with official seal.

You should attach the copies of your business license, the brief introduction to your unit and your unit logo.


Your application materials will be examined by the BOD or the BOD-mandated Secretariat and you will receive our response with 7 weekdays. The membership certificates will be issued by the BOD or the BOD-mandated Secretariat.


The termination of your membership:

The Alliance adheres to the principle of membership on a voluntary basis. The membership will expire under the following circumstances. The membership certificate should be returned at its expiry. No return of membership fees.

(1)  A written application to quit the membership is submitted 30 days ahead of time and a notification of that is sent to the Secretariat.

(2)  The group members fail to pay the membership fees 3 months after the deadline of payment.

(3)  The alliance will write off the list the members who strays away from the Alliance’s guiding principles and severely violates the obligation clauses after futile negotiations.

(4)  The entity member’ business license is revoked as a consequence of severe violations of laws and regulations.

(5)  The BOD will vote to decide or authorize the Secretariat to decide that any entity members who commit severe violations of the Constitution will be written off the list.

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