Standard Proposition


1. The members of the working groups submit the written proposal of new standards to the Secretariat.

2. The Secretariat submits the proposal to the group leader, who in turn makes an arrangement for the proposer to make a report of the feasibility of the proposal in the quarterly meetings of the working groups.

3. The group leader gives an assessment of the proposal along with other group members.

4. An open voting regarding the proposal is held online at the Working Group Division of our website.

5. The members who have participated in the quarterly meetings two times on end are entitled to vote. The proposal passes if over 2/3 of the members vote for it. If not, then the proposal fails to pass; in that case, the Secretariat should collect and summarize the group members’ opinions and report it back to the proposer, so that the proposal will be revised.

6. The Secretariat organizes an online voting once more. The proposal will be canceled if it again fails to pass.

7. Regarding the approved proposal, the Secretariat should assist its work, including recruiting the participating units and setting up a standardization project team. The leading unit then organizes discussion meetings,  completes the final version of the proposal and submits it to the Secretariat.

8. The alliance organizes an intragroup evaluation and review of the submitted proposal, which should be done by an odd number of no less than five experts. Once the proposal passes the review, the Secretariat will post it on our website.

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