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China ITS Industry Alliance (C-ITS) is co-founded by 45 organizations from ITS industry in 2013,including nationwide enterprises, institutes and universities. C-ITS emphasizes its efforts on standardization based on testing, extending to the fields of ITS

Alliance Constitution

China ITS Industry Alliance Constitution(Draft)

       Chapter 1 General

  Section 1 organization name: China integration Intelligent Transportation Industry and Service Alliance (China ITS Industry Alliance)

Section 2 The Alliance is compose of units and organizations that engaged in the field of intelligent transportation technology, product research and development, production, management, sales and service and related social organizations, it is an unofficial, non-profit with regular activities  industry platform and collaboration.

  Section 3 The purpose of the Alliance is establishing a new development mode in intelligent transport, start with a national comprehensive transportation development planning, break down barriers of the transport, electronics, communications, finance, logistics, and information industry etc., explore advantages of integrated intelligent transport industry that is cross domains and multi-industry, to serve the people’s livelihood as goal, to satisfy market demands as oriented ,to explore product, study, research, application as bonds, to satisfy enterprise as main part.

                                                                                                         2013 Sep.10


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