The 29th ITS World Congress Successfully Held in Suzhou, China

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The 29th ITS World Congress was successfully held during 16-20 October 2023 in Suzhou, China with the theme of "Driving Towards Intelligent Society —— Quality Life". Representatives from ITS Asia Pacific,ERTICO-ITS Europe and ITS America attended the congress and delivered speeches. Around 12,000 delegates of 44 countries and regions from public sectors, industries, academia and media gathered in this ITS world congress (including 1000 registered oversea representatives), to discuss and promote the development of global intelligent transportation, and work together to create a better future.


This world congress organised 3 plenary sessions, 12 executive sessions, 48 special interest sessions, 20 scientific paper sessions, 36 technical paper sessions, and 3 interactive sessions. It included nearly 800 oral presentations and 311 papers, focusing on the topics such as "intelligent and digital transportation infrastructure" and "policies, standards and coordination" and other heated topics related to ITS. The exchange and discussions showcased the latest technological achievements, levels and development directions in the global intelligent transportation field.

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The world congress also hosted 22000-square-meter indoor exhibition and 15000-square-meters outdoor live demonstration area. The congress attracted 134 exhibitors, including 110 Chinese exhibitors from and 24 oversea exhibitors. The countries of exhibitors covered South Korea, Japan, Dubai (UAE), Indonesia, Singapore, Germany and the United States and others. Many key Chinese and international ITS players actively participated in the World Congress, including Tsinghua University, Didi Chuxing, Baidu (China), Wanji Technology, Sujiao Technology, Huashe Group, Tianyi Transportation, China Unicom China Mobile, Xiaopeng Motors, NIO Motors, TOYOTA, Honda, Panasonic, Aisin, Denso and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions.

The global technology highlighted the congress exhibition halls, attracting nearly 50000 visitors. The exhibition accumulated the most prominent technological innovation entities, the latest cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the field of intelligent transportation worldwide.


The world congress set up 9 customized technical visit routes, and over 1000 delegates participated. At the same time, 9 live demonstrations showcased the most innovative intelligent transportation products, equipment, solutions and cutting-edge ITS achievements, including unmanned flying cars, unmanned cruise ships, advanced assisted driving solutions, autonomous minibuses, etc., which provided a high-end industrial exchange platform for participants.



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